Stay Anonymous and get the KYC NFT

The most simple way to provide your community with the trust that they want, while you stay anonymous.

You are losing Investment


of people have experienced exit scams/rug pulls from anonymous teams.


of these people say that at least 1/5 anonymous projects scam/rug pull.


have actively chosen to not invest in a project because they were anonymous.

This means you are potentially losing 60% of your projects target market.



of people are more willing to invest in a project that has privately KYC’d.

Learn more about our private KYC NFT process.

We understand that your community's trust in you is important to your projects success.

how to get started?

We have successfully helped many projects thrive in the crypto space in

3 simple steps…

Pass our simple private verification process

We mint your verification KYC NFT

You show off your KYC NFT to your community!

Everything you will get!


Custom KYC NFT

Recieve a custom approval KYC NFT with you project branding.


Pre-written medium article for client announcement.

Pre-written Tweet

Pre-written twitter post, with indepth detail about your KYC.

Promo Material

Promo material that can be used on all your social playforms.

Approval announcement

Pre-written medium article for client announcement.

KYC Guide

Guide on how to maximize the impact of your KYC by Assure.

Custom Announcement video

Announcement Video customized with your brand logo.

Custom webpage on assure's site

Dedicated page on domain for your project.

Assure Brand Assets

High Quality file of Assure's brand assets to use in your own marketing materials.

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